Menzgold issue will die off unresolved due to politics – Prof. Condua

A political historian, Professor Essilfie Condua, has stated that the Menzgold saga would soon fizzle out unresolved since the issue has taken a political twist. According to him, no one cares about investors, their monies and what is happening to the customers. “Politicians for their own interests expect and are disputing what people say wrong, tactically did wrong, and procedurally did wrong.” The business of gold dealership company Menzgold Ghana Limited has gone on for the past four years until the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) ordered its shutdown last September. Chief Executive Officer of the company Nana Appiah Mensah was accused of fraud, triggering an arrest warrant from the courts. Currently, Mr. Appiah Mensah is in police custody in Dubai after he was arrested by officials for allegedly engaging in other fraudulent activities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Following these developments, both the NPP and NDC have had a go at each other, accusing one another of being the cause of the Menzgold issue.

Speaking on 3FM’s Sunrise morning show, Professor Condua mentioned that even though there are institutions that have been set up to handle the Menzgold issue, they are doing nothing because of the “new” order in the society. “This is a society where the new order is when I speak out, I lose my job and so [I] keep quiet,” he said. “They want to do their job but as soon as the political order intervenes, then you have to take off your hands. “You dare not, unless you are bold enough and prepared to go home empty-handed,” he stressed. The historian said politicians are playing a blame game with the Menzgold issue and described it as propaganda to score points.
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