#MentorX Week 10: Tina Aidoo evicted on tenth week

It was a night of individual performance and a duet with past contestants of Mentor. Talking about duet performance, Tina Aidoo Performed Cher’s ‘Believe’, a 1998 classic from her twenty-second studio album with Eli, a finalist from Mentor reloaded.

“Knowing the kind of voice you have and knowing what you can do, I think you were not ready for this performance because you need your soul. You need everything to bring to this song, especially with the duet. You didn’t bring your A-game for this duet. Honestly, you didn’t,” Kwabena Kwabena criticized.

Cina Soul said, “I love your performance honestly, but I could tell the parts that were a little bit flat. I don’t know if it was supposed to be a modulation or something. That didn’t turn out well, but you carried yourself well. And I don’t think half of the people here could even tell, but you know I enjoyed it.”

Discussing her individual performance, she performed Davi by MzVee, released in 2017 from the DaaVi album.
She was criticized for not having control over her voice. The combination of dancing and singing caused her to struggle for breath. But she also had very positive comments about her outfit.

Cina Soul said, “First of all, you look very beautiful, and I enjoyed your performance. Imagine this show as a gig and forget about the judges. I needed you to enjoy your performance. Again, you look beautiful.”

“Every week, we tell you you have an amazing voice. But I don’t think you know your own voice. You mostly choose songs that don’t go with your vocals because I don’t feel the emotions most of the time. When you reach a high note, instead of you sounding emotional, you rather sound piercing. But the best part of your performance was when you stopped singing, and you were dancing. That shouldn’t be the case because Tina Aidoo is a vocalist. To be honest, this performance didn’t work for me at all,” Richie Mensah judged.

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In an interview on the Entertainment Segment of TV3 New Day with Cookie Tee, Tina expressed her gratitude to MentorX academy and her supporters. When asked what she would change if she is still in the competition.

“If I could turn back this hard time, I will change the kind of songs I do on the stage. Because anytime I performed gospel, I get good reviews, and I go high on the judge’s score. But if I do something else, it turns out not too good. So I think I would have done gospel throughout the competition if I could run back time because that is my actual calling.”

She added, “Mentor has really helped me work on my temper, I had a very bad temper, but I have become very tolerant now. I give thanks to MentorX academy. Now I know myself better. I know the areas I am good at. Thank you.”

Unfortunately, this is where we say goodbye to Tina Aidoo. Better luck next time.
According to the judges, her performance wasn’t impressive, and this was because she did not deliver as expected.

Contestants still in the competition are Perfekt, Ely, DSL, Konfidential, AJ, and Wise B.

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By Lordina Nayeram Bessie|3news.com|Ghana