#MentorX Week 10: AJ wins star performer for the night

AJ performed ‘Endless Love’ by Lionel Richie, featuring Shania Twain. He stole hearts once again when he sole performed ‘Wrecking ball’ by Miley Cyrus. And went on to win the Star Performer of the night.

AJ was highly praised for the authority he had on his vocals and how good he controlled it. He received a standing ovation from the judges and the audience for his mind-blowing performance.

Kwabena Kwabena said, “I appreciate you for listening to comments and working on them. That is all you need as an artist. You need to always keep your focus. And that is what you are doing. Keep doing that, and God bless you.”

“ Hello, Chale you dey sing. Even before it gets to her turn, let me tell you, Cina is in love. You are a vocal monster, and everybody can tell that. But you need to watch more performances. Don’t be an artist who is good at a particular area. Become great in every area as well, okay, but in all, you gave a great performance.” Richie Mensah advised.

“Richie will go and expose me, but, yes, I’m in love again! Every note you sang, there was emotion in it because you know when to whisper. You are flawless, and as a vocalist, our voice is our instrument, but AJ, you are something else,” Cina Soul added.

DJ Rab also had a few words for AJ. He said, “looking back at last week’s performance. Wow, give a round of applause. Wow, what a comeback. This is an ‘A-game. You have a very unique voice, and this will make you stand out.”

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Congratulations, AJ, on your 3rd win as the star performer on MentorX. The best awaits you.

By Lordina Bessie Nayeram|3news.com|Ghana