Mentor X: Music is my rebellion – Perfekt

For Mentor X contestant Portia Perfect Arthur, her passion for music will not let anything stand between them.

The multifaceted 19-year-old singer chronicle how rough her musical journey has been due to varying opposing forces. Perfekt revealed that before coming on the show, her dad, a clergyman, disapproved of his daughter singing secular and profane songs.

“My Dad didn’t like the fact that I had to join music competitions. You see, he is Man of God, so he wants you to be godly. He wants everything about you to be gospel.

Yes, we know God is there. We believe in God. But sometimes, you feel like you should do something different. Deliver messages and address social issues. You can use different genres, but my dad wants to put in in one box.”

According to Perfekt, being on Mentor has been her dream for a long time. And she is excited to have the opportunity to walk in the shoes of great musicians who came before her.

“Mentor is something ii have been wanting to come to since. I was a bit slow to join because I thought I was too young. Mentor is everything for me. I want to be here. I have a passion for it. I just want to be me here.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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