Mentor X: Managing mental health with music – Kay Dee

Passionate about music and compassionate about mental health, Mentor X contestant Kay Dee is the man you need in your corner any given day.

Eugene Kojo Owusu Debrah is a student nurse at the Koforidua Nursing Midwifery Training college who hopes to become the next global icon. The 23-year-old singer is confident that the power of music can affect behavioural changes for the betterment of individuals.

“I want to show the world what God gave me, how I can really impact the world through music. In my generation, they are depressed. The pressure is too much, and I feel I can get to them through my music. And I will be able to touch someone’s heart, and the person might not do certain things that they are planning on doing.”

Kay Dee isn’t overly ambitious about the emerging winner but is very positive that an appearance on the stage can go a long way to jumpstart his career. And a music career has become very lucrative in recent times, which he hopes would cushion himself and his family once he hits the jackpot.

“I think Mentor would give me that exposure I need because even if you don’t win, at least people have seen what you can do. And I think Mentor is the right place for me to sell myself. To the world. So that’s one main reason why I joined mentor.

“And The music industry is really really paying now, so I feel if it works out for me, it’s going to help my family and myself.”

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Kay Dee has two covers to his name and a song with Kumerican rapper Amerado Burner, yet to be released.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana