Mentor X: Ghanaians need to hear good music – Cutebwoy

Music lover and trainer Albert Owusu, with Mentor X stage name Cutebwoy, says it’s about time Ghanaians were served good music with good sound and not just noise.

Being inspired by Ghanaian rappers Sarkodie and EL, Cutebwoy, though a singer, says he realized he could sing at the age of 16 as a member of his church’s choir. And then his elder brother taught him how to play the guitar. Now composes his music and performs at pubs and churches.

Speaking on the quality of content he is bringing into the Mentor X competition, Cutebwoy said, “I believe in my talent. I believe I have something that the world needs to hear. When I heard of Mentor X, I knew I had to participate because Ghanaians need to hear good music. Good music with great vocals and instrumentation. I want to get publicity. I want Ghanaians to know me. I want Ghanaians to hear what I have’’. 

Cutebwoy is defiant in his stance against being boxed in =to a particular music genre. He said, ‘I am not just going to do love songs or gospel songs. I have a song titled ‘Music’. I will not be stagnant with the kind of music I put together or perform, I will be versatile.’

Cutebwoy has no fears about being in the contest. He knows a competition like Mentor X is not only about vocals, but a key component is stage performance and stagecraft, which he believes he embodies.

“I know people will think because I am smallish in stature, that’s why I chose Cutebwoy as my stage name. That is not the case. My voice is cute. That is why I have the name Cutebwoy,” Albert Owusu said.

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By Prince Nartey||Ghana