Mentor X: Bleau and Emefa evicted on Gospel night

Mentor X: Bleau and Emefa evicted on Gospel night
Mentor X- Emefa and Bleau

Unfortunately, Bleau and Emefa bid fans, judges and colleague contestants goodbye on Mentor X as they suffered eviction last Sunday.

Last Sunday was a night of gospel music and tunes. And both gave a remarkable performance on their own versions of selected gospel music.

Although the two failed to cumulate enough votes to keep them in the competition, they ended the night on a high note.
Speaking to Cookie Tee on TV3 New Day, the evictees revealed that their experience in the competition has been an incredible one. Despite some demanding roles as singers, they were encouraged to still push on.

According to Bleau, she believed in herself even though every assigned task came along with its demands. She is also grateful for the support given her since the inception of the competition.
She revealed that she was indisposed a few months before the competition but persevered to contest. Adding that, she felt the need to opt-out at some point during the contest.

“I wasn’t feeling so well two months before the competition. I wanted to come so bad though I wasn’t physically and emotionally fit. At a point, I wanted to go home because I felt I wasn’t meant to be here. I believed in myself that I can do more,” she said.

Bleau stated that the competition made her gain the skills to perform with a musical band.
Although she revealed that it was tough at the beginning, she eventually got better at it.

“For me, I have never performed with a band before, so it was difficult getting and performing with them at the same time. But eventually I got used to”.

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She added that the competition has helped boost her confidence level.

“I was a bit nervous when I get on stage always. But during the second one, I did better. At least I can go out and brag that I had an experience,” she said.

Bleau disclosed that she will be releasing an EP anytime soon. She added that exiting from the competition in the fourth week will not discourage her from being a better person and achieving her musical career.

And for Emefa, the competition has been helpful. And she has developed herself through increased self-confidence and improved vocal abilities.

“For me, what I learnt is courage. To be more bold and more outspoken. Because it’s not really easy being on stage with the lights, camera and everything at once and performing.”

She revealed that last Sunday was one of the nights she exuded much confidence in her performance. Adding that, “I am so proud of myself.”

The evictee said despite the eviction, she is still motivated to achieve her goal as a great musician.

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By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson||Ghana