Mentor 2020: 40 singers selected for boot camp

After a massive turn up at this year’s Mentor auditions, 40 singers have made it through to the boot camp.

Producer of music reality show Martin Asare stated that the 40 singers are made up 10 contestants each from the four zones – Tamale, Kumasi, Takoradi and Accra.

He says the 40 contestants who made it through to the first auditions will go through a second audition and out of that, 24 contestants will face off in the grand auditions to find a slot in the live show, starting on Sunday, October 4, 2020.

“So, [for] this year’s Mentor, we have four zones. Each zone we took 10 contestants so in total we will have 40 who will go into the boot camp and at the boot camp we’re going to reduce the number to six each from the zones.  Only 24 will come out of the boot camp and battle it out on the grand auditions.

“The grand audition is the last stage of auditions. At the grand auditions, each zone is going to cut it down to four. So the final contestants that will go to the live show will be 16. The grand auditions will take place on the 23rd September 2020,” he told

He indicated that this year’s Mentor is going to be better than last year’s because better talents have showed up at the auditions.

“Auditions have been good this year. I think the numbers have gone up. Accra had about 400 people for two auditions, Tamale we had over 40, Kumasi over 90 and Takoradi had over 100 people.

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“So, this year in terms of attendance or turn-up, it has increased from last year.

“In terms of talents, I think we are going to have better talents, the quality will be better than last year.”

He concluded: “We expect better from all the 16 finalist we are going have.”

By Kaziah Owusu Afram||Ghana