‘Mentally challenged’ mother of twins gets assistance to care of babies

A month after TV3 aired a report about a mentally challenged woman who had delivered twins and living under the Mallam interchange, father of the babies has appeared to claim responsibility of the children.

The woman who is only known as Ama said in our earlier story that she regained her memory on the night of delivery and believes her children brought her that miracle.

For fear of the children being taken by the Social Welfare, Ama’s supposed husband has relocated them from under the Mallam interchange to a temporal accommodation at Mallam junction.

Mavis Ofori (L) is Human Resource Manager at PZ Cussons presenting the items to Odelia Agyeman Prempeh (R)

For over five years, people who know her said she was mentally challenged. She is unable to tell the cause of her illness but is only thankful that she is sane now.

Ama got pregnant and gave birth to twins after she was raped by a stranger a year ago. Even now, Ama can neither remember her family nor her past. In an interview with TV3’s Odilia Agyeman Prempeh, Ama said she does not care about anything but her children alone.

She emphasised she will do anything to take care of them. A month after the report about her condition and state living, the man responsible for her twins showed up.

He relocated the two months old twins and their mother from under the mallam interchange where they used to sleep. Attempts to reach the man whom Ama confirms is the father of the twins proved futile but Ama claims he is a shoe maker.

She however indicated that she cannot recall the name of her children’s father.

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PZ Cussons Ghana upon seeing the story on TV3 collaborated with Odel Foundation, a foundation that seeks to help the poor and the needy and “We Call It Love” foundation donated some baby items to support Ama in taking care of the twins.

Human resource manager at PZ Cussons, Mavis Ofori said they will continue to help in raising the twins. Although the father of the twins has come out to assist Ama in raising the children, she insists that she will further support as the fathers’ profession (shoemaker) does not generate enough revenue for the family.

As a mother, Ama wants the best for her children.

By Odelia Agyeman Prempeh|TV3|Ghana
Twitter: @NewsonTV3