Meet sensational Naa Asheley de Poetess

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A pupil of Victorious Academy in Teshie, Accra-Ghana, Naa Asheley de Poetess has become the toast of many when it comes to the spoken word.

Mentored by her father, David Amarh Ashitey, the Class 5 pupil is making waves in Ghana as she is taking poetry to a different level.

One of her favourites works is ‘Poetry with 3 Knowledge of Education, Religion and History’.


  1. The blessings of the HIGHEST ALMIGHTY LIVING GOD through CHRIST JESUS our SAVIOUR be unto you.  Amen
  2. I am an African.                       ,                                                                                                    Born in  Ghana, normally known as a (PEACEFUL COUNTRY).
  3. GOD fearing country
  4. A country where Christians and Muslims live together in peace and worship the same ALMIGHTY SUPREME BEING GOD.

What is a peaceful country.

  • A Country dwelling in the center equator of the world.
  • A country where a great African leader like Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah comes from and also the first president of the republic.
  • A country where a great world leader like Busumuru Dr. Kofi Annan, formerly World United Nation Secretary General comes from.
  •      A  country where the best cocoa planter like Tetteh Quarshie    comes from etc.
  •  In the Bible, I learnt good things about River.

2 examples in the Bible.

  • By the Grace of GOD ALMIGHTY, baby Moses was saved in River Nile.
  • JESUS CHRIST The ALMIGHTY SAVIOUR was baptized in River Jordan.
  • Due to that, and some other significance of Rivers, I decided to tour Rivers.

So, I travelled all the way to one of the largest Rivers in Ghana, called River Pra.

Unfortunately, River Pra has been polluted by galamsey.

So, I decided to tour all along outside the country, because our rivers have been polluted by chemicals                                                                                                  

But I said to myself, I have a peaceful country,Yet GOD willing Ghana is a land of peace, when I travelled  outside the country, I will come back to my peaceful country and meet the same polluted Rivers.

The problem in my country is corruption and galamsey. I will stay in my country and help the president of the Republic to fight against corruption and galamsey to reform our River bodies to become clean again and also to rebuild our nation Ghana to the greater glory.

As  African citizen, we shouldn’t run from our lovely Mother Africa Continent.      

As African citizen, we have to unite.

As African citizen, we have to be equal right.

As African citizen,we have to come together as one

to help our Africa Leaders to fight against corruption and fix MOTHER LAND AFRICA for a good economy and a better AFRICA.

Africa Unite.

Africa Equal Right.

Africa Together As One.

GOD ALMIGHTY bless you all.  Amen


This poem was written and dedicated by David Nii Armah Ashitey and he tells it is about Ghana and Africa, how we need to unite and control our own resources.

Watch below:

Naa Asheley de Poetess will welcome any opportunity to perform anywhere in the world.


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