Meet 3FM’s Winston Amoah, who wants to spend his holidays in a Ghanaian village

Winston Amoah

A graduate of the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff, where he studied for an MA in International Journalism and with a BA in English from the University of Cape Coast, 3FM’s morning brand on Sunrise and undoubtedly Ghana’s voice on the airwaves, Winston Amoah (WA), gets up close and personal with our journalist Nana Afrane Asante (NAA).

He would love to spend his holidays in any village in Ghana. Do you have suggestions for him? He prefers Peduase.

The following is his chat with Nana Afrane Asante.

NAA: What motivates you?

WA: Ghana! I’m motivated by the fact that I can make a difference. I’m motivated by the fact that when I wake up every day I think about how we can change Ghana and I see myself as part of that change that we all desire. For me, it’s a motivating factor and that’s the only reason why I say that the job that I do reaches out to others.

NAA: Do you cook?

WA: Yes, I do cook anything apart from groundnut soup. If pounding of fufu gets to be known as cooking then I probably haven’t been able to sit down and direct it. So that wouldn’t amount to cooking but I’ve prepared everything apart from groundnut soup. I’m scared of my tummy because I’m not sure how that will taste.

NAA: How many times do you take your bath in a day?

WA: Mostly twice but there are times that I’m probably so tired to take my bath in the evenings but I do so twice daily. I’m married to a nurse and I practise good hygiene (Giggles)

NAA: What are your hobbies?

WA: I love to play football and watch it too. I don’t play much these days because I have put on a bit of weight. NAA: What do you do to relax?

WA: I enjoy doing things that make me laugh. I love to listen to religious programmes and also love to read. NAA: First kiss? WA: I honestly do not remember.

NAA: First car?

WA: It was a Rexton

Winston Amoah1NAA: First job?

WA: Worked with Sky Digital TV after my National Service.

NAA: Favourite fashion item?

WA: I love a good shoe because when you wear a good shoe, you walk in confidence.

NAA: Favourite radio and TV station?

WA: I love to listen to 3FM. With TV it’s TV3 but I also watch a bit of football on DSTv Supersports.

NAA: Favourite sport?

WA: I love football and I get to play it sometimes. It’s a great game.

NAA: Who would you regard as the best boxer ever Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather?

WA: Floyd Mayweather. I know I have seen many of his bouts. With Muhammad Ali, I have seen a few of his bouts but if what I have seen is anything to go by then I will choose Floyd Mayweather over Muhammad Ali. Here we are talking about how Muhammad Ali was a great boxer and beat this person and that person until Evander Holyfield won the heavyweight title four times. Muhammad Ali was priding himself as the one to have won it on three occasions. Now Floyd Mayweather goes undefeated in his career beating everybody who mattered in his weight category. It was all about the heavyweight division back in the days but now we talk about welterweight because the Money Man is there. I will definitely choose him any day over Muhammad Ali.

NAA: Which role would you prefer in a movie?

WA: I definitely wouldn’t like to be a lover boy because I’m not good at that. Apologies to my wife on that and I wouldn’t want to be the bad man also but maybe one strict father or a strict character would do.

NAA: Favourite family member?

WA: I do not want to be on the bad side of any family member. My family is a very close one. We get and relate to each other very well and they are all my very good friends.

NAA: Favourite soccer club?

WA: I love Manchester United, particularly now that Louis Van Gaal has been sacked makes the support even stronger because I’m one of those who were hoping he gets the sack. I’m happy that he has been fired but even though I’m not a typical fan of Jose Mourinho’s, at least he can guarantee us titles.

NAA: Favourite player?

WA: I don’t hide the fact that I like Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s a complete player who can play in every team unlike Lionel Messi who only functions playing for Barcelona.

NAA: Favourite music?

WA: I love highlife and I have met some highlife greats

NAA: Favourite food?

WA: Because I am Wassa I tend to love what my people will call Saka with palm nut soup and Saka being rice and the palm nut soup is the one that has been kept for at least three days with some beans in it.

NAA: Favourite place of holiday?

WA: I’m Ghanaian and I love to be by the countryside. A lot of people would say I want to go to the Bahamas but I love a natural place in Ghana and I used to spend a lot of time in my village so wouldn’t mind any place within Ghana. I hear there is this wonderful place at Peduase known as the Peduase Valley Resort and I would love to go there.

By Nana Afrane Asante||Ghana

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