Medical supplies from China ‘fit for purpose’ – health authorities

Ghanaian health authorities have cleared the medical supplies Ghana received from China on Monday as “fit for purpose”, and ready for distribution.

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Charles Owiredu confirmed the credibility of the supplies to TV3’s Johnnie Hughes on Tuesday morning, dousing fears harboured by some citizens.

“There are people who have the knowledge, who have done it and who do tell me that as of this morning, all the tests that they have done show that they fit into our normal protocols, they fit into our regulatory and that they are fit to be distributed.”

Ghana received from the Chinese Government towards the fight of coronavirus, items including about 3,000 N95 protective face masks for frontline health workers, 10,000, protective face masks, 2,500 disposable overalls, infra-red thermometers, medical goggles, single use gloves and disposable shoe covers.

Ghana also received similar equipment on behalf of 17 other African countries.

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“So far they have not seen any defective product from the total logistic they received yesterday,” Mr. Owiredu relayed what persons in charge have told him.

He assured Ghanaians that the Food and Drug Authority and the other health agencies have the “requisite apparatus to test” the equipment and certify them.

The Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister touched on the fact that almost every country including the US is going to China, which is the “hub of production of these hospital equipment”, for supplies as he watered down concerns that some countries are rejecting some supplies from China because they are not fit for purpose.

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Asked the metrics Ghana used to determine the quality of equipment from China, Mr. Owiredu said:

“I can only reecho or repeat what our people are telling me, that, at least, the one they got yesterday are fit for purpose.

“They have gone through all the necessary checks and they can confirm that those ones are fit for purpose…we are very hopeful that the information that have been given by Ghana health authorities are correct and we would want to respect the information that they have given us.”

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister assured Ghanaians that the medical supplies and other items Ghana has received from China would not influence the country’s decision on Chinese in Ghana who may flout rules in Ghana like engaging in illegal mining and other acts against the laws of Ghana.

By Isaac Essel |