Medical Negligence: How rotten cotton in woman’s womb dropped like birth

A woman who goes by the name Akua (not real name) said a doctor from one of the reputable health institutions in Ghana performed a Caesarean section, also known as C-section, on her when she had gone there to deliver. According to Akua, three weeks after the surgery, however, she started feeling uncomfortable and also began bleeding profusely. “After three weeks I realized I was not okay. I felt some unpleasant smell, that’s when I started bleeding.   It was really unpleasant as if something that is rotting. So I spoke to my doctor and he said I should come to the hospital for the bleeding to stop so he gave me an injection for the bleeding to stop but still it did not stop. I went there again they did not do anything. So I asked them whether I can take a scan so they will know that may be there is something that is in my womb but they did not mind me.” Akua, who called on the 3FM Sunrise morning show to share her experience on medical negligence said: “I came back home to complain to my mother that I will not sit down for something terrible to happen to me so I called a friend nurse and described my condition to her. She said the way I am describing my condition to her, it is possible during the operation they left something in my womb so I if I want my life I should rather go and take a scan for life and later go and explain to my doctor.” According to the lady, whose incident happened not long ago, a few days after the friend’s advice she went to the toilet and saw something big had falling from her stomach. “When I got out of the house, I had this abnormal pains as if I am in labour. Ah what is this?  It’s so strange I felt like pushing and pushing and something came out of me when I went to the toilet. In fact, I thought it was my womb. When I looked at It, it was a rotten cotton.” Akua said she took a picture and sent it to the doctor. The doctor was defensive because he said anytime they carry surgery on individuals they count every equipment and material used. Akua is not alone in this as more people recount their sad ordeal on the show. Per Akua’s description the whole episode took three months right from the time of the surgery up to the point when she discovered the material in her womb. Akua, who did not sue the doctor or report him to the Dental and Medical Council, said the doctor apologized and begged her not to report him. “Later he called me and begged me and said he has accepted his mistakes. So I told him he should not do that again because that could have cost me my life. I forgave him because he accepted his mistake.” Make a date with host of the Sunrise morning show Alfred Ocansey and the team on Monday to Friday at 7: 30am  as more Ghanaians recount their sad stories.

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By Richard Bright Addo|Producer, 3FM|Ghana]]>