Media General launches “Showbiz University” podcast

Showbiz University

MG Digital Media a subsidiary of has launched “Showbiz University” a new podcast to provide a unique and insightful look into the country's thriving entertainment industry.

“Showbiz University” is a part of the entertainment brand which is a product of MG Digital Media.

“We are looking forward to informing, entertaining, and impacting Ghanaians through innovative digital formats,” said the General Manager of MG Digital. “Showbiz University is one of the many new podcasts we intend to launch this quarter within our podcast network. We are also opening up access to other creators to join our podcast network to take advantage of our distribution and production prowess.”

Showbiz University is a highly opinionated podcast that brings together entertainment personalities and industry players to discuss topics and issues that traditional media might shy away from.

Hosted by entertainment King Kwaku Mensa and his revolving team of pundits, the podcast covers everything from hot takes on the latest trends to in-depth analysis of industry developments, all rooted in facts and extensive research.

What sets Showbiz University apart from other entertainment podcasts is the willingness to tackle difficult topics without fear or favour and provide fresh perspectives on these topics.

Tune in every Friday for insightful commentary, hot takes, and in-depth analysis. Listen now on Spotify, Podcast, Google Podcast, or where ever you listen to your podcasts. Just search for Showbiz University and be entertained.

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