Media General Group does not endorse homosexuality

Management of Media General Group has surprisingly noticed the misinterpretation by some section of its cherished viewing public and on social media of the content of this week’s edition of The Day Show aired on TV3 on Saturday 2nd May, 2020.

The episode focused on educating the viewing public on whether the behavior and/or lifestyle of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is as a result of some underlining medical and/or psychological factors.

To enrich the show and to help educate the viewing public on the subject, the producers invited ASP Foster Nanewotor, a Clinical Psychologist of the Ghana Police Hospital as a guest. His role was to give medical and psychological explanations to these behaviors, whether or not they could be classified as mental disability or attributed to biological or hormonal factors.  ASP Nanewotor further gave clinical advice to the guests on the show who narrated their stories.

Media General Group is a law-abiding company.  We recognize that the practice of homosexuality is illegal in Ghana and therefore we will not act in any way that contravenes the laws of the Republic of Ghana.

We wish therefore to state unequivocally that neither Media General Group nor the host of The Day Show, Berla Mundi used the show to endorse, support or promote the practice of homosexuality in Ghana. Media General prides itself in giving its cherished viewers well-thoughtout and educative content at all times, which vision and responsibility we do not take lightly or for granted.


Corporate Affairs Manager

Media General Group

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