Martin Amidu: Ghana won’t need foreign aid if we fight corruption

Special Prosecutor (SP) designate Martin Amidu has said Ghana could wean itself from foreign aid if it is able to block slippages and leakages in the system. “I want to put machinery in place to prevent leakages and slippages.In so doing our budget will not need foreign assistance.” Mr. Amidu assured during his vetting by the Appointments Committee of Parliament Tuesday. He noted that upon taking office, he will ensure the office of the Special Prosecutor employs independent investigators who are impartial, while putting in place the best staff culture to tackle corruption. “Crime is crime; I am coming to do a job which has nothing to do with politics at all.” Martin Amidu stated, adding “This is a new office, corruption has done so much damage to this country, it is an invincible violence that kills millions without any one seeing it, it deprives people of good health, education and all developmental institutions.” Mr Amidu noted his deepest desire is to setup an office which will eradicate corruption in Ghana, and protect the public purse. By Natalie Fort|TV3||Ghana]]>

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