Market disinfections big step in Covid-19 fight – Minister

North East Region Minister Solomon Boar Namli has lauded the Covid-19 disinfection and fumigation of markets and public places in his region, describing it as a big step in the fight against the deadly virus in the country. The exercise being done by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development in collaboration with the waste management giant Zoomlion Ghana Limited saw thousands of markets across the country disinfected against coronavirus in March. The second phase of the exercise is currently ongoing in all the 16 regions where major markets, public toilets, palaces, lorry parks and other public places are being disinfected and fumigated. All the beneficiary markets are also been cleaned of filth as part of the exercise. Mr Boar Namli, who launched the North East Region exercise at Nalerigu Saturday said the impact of the first round of disinfection was felt indicating that but for that, the number of Covid-19 cases would have soared in the Region. “I must say that the first one that took place was really something that was applauded by every tom, dick and harry and for that matter the people of Ghana really felt the impact. It gave us some relief and at the end of the day, we have to be very sincere that the cases that we have today is on a very low side. I want to believe that that exercise contributed a lot,” he said. On behalf of the people and Mamprugu Traditional kingdom, he commended government for the decision to undertake a second round of disinfection in markets and public places nationwide. He said the exercise in his region will ensure that “we live a very dignified life in the North East Region because this is the best way by which we can create that stable socioeconomic environment so that all of us can live in dignity”. He praised Zoomlion Ghana Limited for its expertise in delivering on its mandate, adding: “I believe that as usual, Zoomlion will be at their best because they have proved their worth and we are very excited”.

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Efforts stepped up The Regional Minister said the North East Regional Coordinating Council has also stepped up its efforts in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus. He said the North East Environmental Health Unit has been monitoring to ensure that all the safety Covid-19 protocols are observed and sanitation issues too addressed. “I must say that our environmental health unit is one of the best as they have proved their worth,” he said. Some people, particularly traders, have been complaining about lack of nose mask but the Regional Coordinating Council has been helping, stating “the little that we have, we pull it out and give it to them. We are not in a way saying that every individual is adhering to it; it’s all about attitudinal change and we keep sensitizing the people that the best way.” Mr Boar Namli said while the government is doing its best in various ways, including the disinfection, it is incumbent on all to also contribute their part noting. All the cases recorded so far in the region, he said, were imported. Notwithstanding, he said, “once everything was revealed here, we just take it as part of our cases and we have addressed it. Thank God that they are all responding to treatment positively and I’m sure very soon they will all be discharged”. He said it is important for everyone to keep to the protocols in order to live to tell the story of the Covid-19. North East Regional Manager for Zoomlion Edmond Kweku Vidjah said a total of 75 markets and more than 200 public places are being disinfected and fumigated in the region after which there will be a massive clean-up exercise on Sunday to rid the markets of filth. “We are hoping that by the close of the day, when all these places are done the extent or incidence of spread of the virus and others at these public places will minimized or entirely controlled.” Beyond the disinfection, he said the Regional Coordinating Council has been putting in various measures which are being enforced to stop the spread of the diseas.
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