Manna International secure the biggest win in the #JuniorSharks Season 5 competition

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Manna International secured the biggest win in the #JuniorSharks Season 4 competition so far in their contest against Bambiland Montessori.

Both schools, it would be recalled gave a very good account of themselves in their first contests enroute to the Round of 16.

Going head-to-head in the Round of 16, however, Bambiland ran out of fuel while Manna had enough reserves in the tank to cruise to an emphatic victory.

Round 1

When the bell for the start of the first contest in the Round of 16 sounded, Manna rallied behind Ivy Baidoo, who led them brilliantly only narrowly missing three tough questions.

Manna International ended the Round with 50 points while Bambiland finished with 10 points consolation.

Round 2

Manna International brought on some fresh mind with the introduction of John Kusi.

The diminutive lad turned out be the master stroke, aptly exemplifying the sage “it is not the size of the dog in a fight, but the size of the fight in a dog”.

His Mathematics acumen was delightful, single handedly buzzing to pick two main questions and a bonus, to the admiration of Quizmistres.

Round 3

At the beginning of Round 3, Manna had piled pressure on Bambiland as the points gap widened to one hundred and five (105) points.

This dire state of affairs Bambiland found themselves called for immediate and desperate action, thus the introduction of Ekuban to save the ‘land’ from total annihilation.

Even though that change did boost their confidence, the telepathic combination of Kusi and Kwadwo was a handful for Bambiland.

“Some excellent science work for Manna International”, as observed by the Quizmistres succinctly summed up the superiority of Manna Int. in STEM.

Round Four

With the scores at the end of Round Three standing at one hundred and fifty (150) in Manna’s favour and twenty-five (25) for Bambiland, the contest was mathematically lost for Bambiland. Reason being that answering all eight questions in the last Round would give Bambiland eighty (80), assuming Manna misses all of the eight questions.

That hypothetical eighty (80) points added to their five (5) accrued as of end of Round 3 would give them a final score of eighty-five (85), which is thirty-five (35) points shy of the 150 points total for Manna at same stage.

Nonetheless, Bernice stepped up to battle Vincent from Manna International in the English segment and they shared 10 points apiece.

Kusi, little man with big brain came-face-face with Pierro for Bambiland, and he bagged all twenty (20) points in the Math segment to affirm that his earlier peerless display was not a fluke.

Kwadwo and Ekuban pitched against each other for Manna and Bambiland respectively in the Science segment.

Ivy came last to put the icing on the cake, leisurely answering the two General Knowledge Questions to rapturous applause from the audience.


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