'Mahama is a drunkard', can't speak without whisky – Hopeson Adorye alleges

President Mahama wearing a dark sunglasses
President Mahama wearing a dark sunglasses
A member of the New Patriotic Party’s communications team, Hopeson Adorye, has launched a scathing attack on President John Mahama, describing him as a “drunkard”.
In what appears to be an outrageous claim, Mr Adorye said President Mahama has become addicted to alcohol to the extent that he even drinks on his job to the glare of the public.
“Now the man [President Mahama] has turned drunkard,” he claimed while addressing ecstatic NPP supporters at Akyem Oseim in the Eastern Region at the weekend during the campaign launch of the party’s candidate for Abuakwa North constituency, Gifty Twum Ampofo.
According to him, a small flask, which he claimed the President carries with him all the time contains whisky which President Mahama drinks before he is able to make a speech.
“John Mahama goes everywhere with a small flask which is filled with whisky. If he doesn’t drink it, he is unable to speak,” he told a cheering crowd in Twi.
Mr Adorye suggested the dark sunglasses, which President Mahama occassionally wears in public, is purely to cover his “reddish eyes” caused by the regular intake of alcohol.
“We all drink alcohol but we do it responsibly. For me, I drink only after work but for him [President Mahama], when he’s even in Parliament, he signals for them to pour for him, and drinks. How can Ghana go on?” he claimed
Mahama and family ‘robbing’ Ghana
Advancing arguments to convince the electorates to vote out President Mahama in this year’s elections, Mr Adorye alleged that President Mahama and his wife, Lordina, have been robbing Ghanaians of the gains from their toil.
He claimed that the John Mahama-led government has been seizing imported vehicles they find to be nice from their Ghanaian importers, noting those vehicles are then handed over to Mrs Lordina Mahama for distribution to queen mothers in the Brong Ahafo Region.
According to him officials use the excuse of supposed importers’ inability to pay import taxes on those vehicles to seize them.
“The cars are seized for John Mahama’s wife, Lordina who takes it to Brong Ahafo and share it among the queen mothers there,” he alleged.
Akufo-Addo won’t steal
Against backdrop of this, he urged the electorates to give the NPP flag-bearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo the chance to lead this country to offer the people selfless leadership devoid of corruption.
Extoling the virtues of Akufo-Addo, Mr Adorye said the flag-bearer has demonstrated his commitment to serve the people of Ghana at a time that he was a minister of state under the John Kufuor-led NPP government.
He claimed Nana Akufo-Addo is the only minister who sacrificed for this country at the time, noting he rejected to be paid fuel and other allowances which he was legitimately entitled to.
“So will such a person steal your money when he becomes the president? Look at how the small, small boys are stealing; how Victor Smith is stealing,” he alleged, and urged the people of the Eastern Region to give Akufo-Addo an overwhelming victory.

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