Management of Strika deny claims he is begging for alms

Strika (left) with his co-actor Abraham Arthur

MK Content, the talent management outfit responsible for managing Emmanuel Adom Quaye who is known for his role in the award-winning ‘Beast of No Nation’ movie as ‘Strika’ has denied abandoning the actor to beg for alms.

In a statement dated August 21, 2018, and signed by one Mawuko Kuadzi, who is the CEO of MK Content, it was stated that Strika ran away from his school in Cape Coast.

On Monday, August 20, 2018, it became topical when it was reported that the child actor was seen on the streets of Accra begging for money, claiming that he was not paid his due for his role in the movie.

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Reacting to the claims, the actor’s managers said the actor was well catered for, until he escaped from his school and they could not trace his whereabouts.

“We have been looking for him after he run away from his school at Cape Coast Montessori, and his phone was with his guardian. He has a fully paid apartment in Cape Coast where his other co-actor Justice lives with him and his guardian,” the statement said.

It was further stated that Strika has an allowance, with his tuition and everything catered for by producers of ‘Beast of No Nation’.

According to MK Content, the actor’s total earnings from the movie, totaling $30,000 USD has been placed in a Trust Fund in his name at Barclays Bank.

They said Strika can now retrieve his money with a valid ID since he has now turned 18 years.

The statement further stated that MK Content will continue to protect the interest of Strika and ensure his well-being.

By Irene Amesimeku|| Ghana

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