Man-turned-woman hopes to marry, give birth but says she wants rich, old men

A male born-turned-woman, Veso Golden Oke, who is due to undergo a transgender surgery in few months, has revealed she hopes to marry and give birth afterwards. “It’s possible; yeah very possible,” she told Johnny Hughes on TV3 morning magazine show, the New Day. Though Veso was biologically born a male, she had dominant feminine features; something she told TV3 pushed her to begin to reassess herself. “I was not medically born female but psychologically I’ve always been a woman so I expect to be addressed as a female,” she said, adding she is currently on hormone pills.

The hairstylist said she does not have a boyfriend at the moment, but declined to say whether she has had a boyfriend since swapping gender from male to female, stating “that’s private”. For her, “it’s normal to have male friends but not serious relationship”. On whether she has been ben receiving love approaches, she said that is normal, but when asked about the kind of men she would love to date, she said “I love them rich. I love them old, I love them educated”. Host: Do you get sexual urges? Veso: “Yes, I’m human.” but said her penis does not rise because “I’m on hormone pills”. Host:  How do you satisfy your sexual urge? Veso: “I’m not a sexually active person…what happens, I think is my private life. I’m not going to share that”. Host: Do you do anal sex? Veso: “It’s my private life but there is nothing new” Host: Are your breast real?
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Veso: “of course!” Host: Are they padded? Veso:  “No” Host: Are you thinking of marriage after the surgery? Veso: “of course!” By|Ghana]]>