Man caught on camera thumb printing multiple ballot papers [video]

Another damning video of the ongoing referendum has surfaced on social media showing a man busily thumb printing multiple ballot papers. This is after two incidents of suspicious voting videos purportedly from the Oti area were earlier released. Watch:Suspicious voting videos pop up in Oti referendum It is not readily clear where the incident happened but there is no reason this should happen in any elections. 3news.coms is still doing all the necessary checks to get to the root of the issue. Meanwhile, you can mail us at [email protected] if you have any information about the incident. Our correspondent in the Oti region, Komla Klutse also reports incidents of Electoral Commission officials voting during the referendum, Thursday, instead of during the special voting on Monday. The Electoral Commission however explained that those officials could not get the opportunity to vote on Monday because Special voting was not done in their area. By|Ghana]]>

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