Man allegedly beats wife to death for refusing to have sex with him

Man allegedly beats wife to death for refusing to have sex with him
Nigerian man arrested for beating wife to death
A Nigerian man found himself on the wrong side of the law after allegedly beating his wife to death. According to sources, he repeatedly hit the victim with a plank and cement blocks until she bled and fainted.

Nigerian Police arrested the husband of one late Mrs Ugieki Asemota after neighbours rushed her lifeless body to the hospital. Unfortunately, she could not survive and gave up the ghost on 8th July 2021.
According to reports, the victim refused her husband sex because he was drunk. “This incident happened Sunday 27th June 2021, after she returned from my brother’s wedding. When she got home, she saw that her husband was drunk as usual because that all he knows how to do. Drink and beat her. So to avoid trouble, she had her bath, and she went into her room. Because she was scared to talk to him, so she doesn’t get beaten again.

“Still on that same day, it was 11:00 pm-midnight he came with an axe bagging on my sister room door asking her to open the door. Or he will break the door that he wants to have sex with her. My sister refused, in her words, I can’t because you are drunk and you are smelling drink. Please go to your room and leave me alone. He refused, and he continued to hit the door with an axe. my sister was scared that if he succeeds in entering the room he will kill her.”

Unluckily for her, he heard her opening the window and was waiting for her outside. “He hit her head on that block and started beating her. My sister was pleading that he should leave her alone that she losing strength. He refused. The next thing he did was to grab a wood from the backyard and hit on her head and her back till she fainted. Blood was coming out from her nose, her ear, and her mouth,” She continued.

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Apparently, Mr Asemota attempted to flee as soon as he saw that his wife was no longer moving. Neighbours were also slow to attend to her since they assumed it was their usual fights. By the time they got to the hospital, she was almost dead. The doctor said most of her organs were damaged with a broken spinal cord. Sadly, she passed on later in the day.

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana



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