Making it out alive: Security expert demonstrates four easy steps that will allow you to escape a kidnapping

It pays to be prepared for anything.

While becoming the victim of a kidnapping or kidnapping attempt is something you never hope to happen, it can’t hurt to know how to defend yourself – and could potentially save your life.

DailyMail Online has sought out some help so that, should you ever find yourself in such a precarious position, you may have the know-how to escape relatively unharmed.

According to US security expert Bill Stanton, a former NYPD officer, it is some simple maneuvers that could prove the difference between being taken prisoner and escaping.

Make it out alive from four dangerous situations you may face
 As Stanton explained: ‘First, know your capabilities. Strong mind and situational awareness is your greatest weapon.

‘Next know your surroundings. Am I in a public place? Am I all alone?’

Stanton said that, if in public, use whatever means to get someone’s attention. Conversely, if you are alone, say on an empty street, he said you should run away, but hit the cars in the street as you do.

‘This is done in the hope that an alarm may be set off, in order to bring as much attention to you as possible,’ he said.

1.) Getting out of a potentially dangerous car 

The first scenario posed by Stanton involves getting into a car that doesn’t feel right.

According to Stanton, trust your gut and don’t get in the car. This is the ideal situation, obviously, and goes back to what he described as situational awareness.

Stanton said you will be safer on the street calling another car rather than being stuck in a potentially dangerous vehicle.

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‘Listen to that radar – that voice in your head,’ Stanton said.

‘The car doesn’t look right? The driver is giving you weird stares? Leave.

‘You will probably never know if you were right, but you will be alive.’

2.) Being stuck in a potentially dangerous car  

The next scenario is being trapped in a car that could be dangerous.

The easiest way to identify this position is realizing the driver is not following directions. Stantion said the first thing to do would be to ask the driver to pull over and get out.

‘There have been numerous stories in the news where men and women have gotten into a car service and harm had come to them,’ Stanton said.

If the driver refuses to pull over, call for help immediately. If you are unsure where you are, try to use landmarks that you are passing to help with a location.

In a dangerous situation, Stanton recommends using a sharp utensil, such as a pen, and striking the driver in the head.

The strike should cause them to put on the brakes, giving you time to runaway.

3.) Being attacked by an assailant 

The most vulnerable attack is from behind, Stanton said.

In the position of someone grabbing you from behind, use your elbow to hit them in the chest, repeatedly if needed.

Then grab their arm tight with your hands and use your arm strength and body – mostly the hips – to try and flip them off you.

In the case of an assailant attacking you front-on, use your knee to kick them in the groin. Your hands can also be used in conjunction with this to throw the attacker off.

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The best way to utilize your hands is with a palm struck to the nose, throat and/or temple.

4.) Escaping from handcuffs 

This is a maneuver that requires practice, but is also easy to pick up. It also needs a bobby pin to use to pick the lock.

Firstly, straighten out the wire of the bobby pin. Then tilt the end of the pin at a slight angle.

Now insert the head of the pin between the teeth of the handcuffs – not into the key lock. By pressing down on the pin, the cuffs should release.

Again, this a trick that may take some practice, Stanton said.

Source: Dailymail