Make mentorship a condition for VW’s presence in Ghana – Sam George tells gov’t

Ningo Prampram Member of Parliament Samuel George Nartey has called on the government of Ghana to insist on German automobile company, Volkswagen (VW) providing some level of mentorship to workers within the local automobile industry. Sam George noted that government ought to capitalize on the decision by VW to establish an assembling plant in Ghana in order to boost the local automobile industry. On Thursday, August 30, 2018, government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the German company for the establishment of an assembling plant in Ghana.

The plant is expected to serve Ghana and Africa as a whole. Speaking on TV3‘sNew Day, the Ningo Prampram MP noted that there are a lot of people working within Ghana’s automobile industry whose work will be immensely impacted by mentorship from VW. “One thing government should do through the introduction of VW is to insist on a certain level of mentorship. “We can have a conversation and say we have a Ghanaian enterprise called Katanka that has been struggling to break the mole, we have a global giant like VW coming in, can we have some form of knowledge transfer, some form of mentorship, for Kantaka,” Sam George stated. According to him, the presence of VW in Ghana is a good move by government, and it will help a long way enhance the economy. He also stated that the notion by some Ghanaians that the presence of VW in Ghana will affect operations of Ghanaian automobile company Kantaka is not true. Sam George said both companies have their target market; hence, one company’s activities will not affect the other. “VW will target a certain market share; Kantaka can also target a certain market share with some support from VW.” He also noted that it is up to Kantaka to properly position itself to make great strides in the country. The MP dismissed criticisms that the government has not been helpful to Kantaka and many other local companies. According to him, governments over the years have contributed their quota towards supporting local businesses. “Yes, you may say that we have not done so much, but given our challenges, our limitations, I do not want to believe we have done so badly. “Government money, $60 million was taken and given to specific pharmaceuticals. It was because they put together a package, and reached out to government with a proposal which made business sense for government to invest in them,” he said.
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