Make me president and the law would work – Comedian Lekzy DeComic

Make me president and the law would work – Comedian Lekzy DeComic
Lekzy DeComic

Ghanaian standup comedian Lekzy DeComic has asked to be made the President of Ghana, and in just a day, he would roll out positive changes to aid in the country’s development. 

In an interview on Showbiz 360, the comedian disclosed measures he would put in place when he becomes president. Lekzy Mostly, DdeComic’s strategies targeted street children and the security agencies in the country.

According to Emmanuel Nkansah Ansong, the predicament of street children is a national issue. He pointed out that it does not project the country positively to the international community.

Lekzy DeComic called on the Department of Social Welfare and Development to take their job seriously as it has been mandated and resourced to take these kids off the street. But little or none has been done to achieve this goal.

 “I wish I could be a president of Ghana for a day and change the narrative of children struggling on the streets. It is the responsibility of the social welfare to take all kids begging on the streets because it is sad how you see them on the streets begging for money during school-going hours.”

Lekzy DeComic also mentioned that the country needed more discipline and conformity. And to achieve this, he would increase the visibility of security personnel in the country. He explained this will increase obedience to laid down rules and regulations governing the country and eventually cease deviant behaviours.

Lekzy bemoaned the indiscipline among public transport drivers in the country, which statistically contributes to road accidents. 

“Indiscipline among drivers is becoming a norm. Now, the right thing in the system doesn’t sound right anymore because most people adhere to negative ways of doing things.”

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“If the laws are working, some of these deviant behaviours will be addressed, and people who do wrong will be held accountable for their actions,” he added.

Speaking on how his craft got recognized in the industry, the comedian who has been in comedy scenes for eight years revealed that he took advantage of social media during the COVID-19 period, and people began appreciating his craft.

He revealed that he widen the reception of his comedy content through radio and television channels. And that was a huge boost to his career.

Lekzy added that he is content with where he has gotten to with his career.

“I am happy as to where I have gotten so far. I can only wish for greater things to happen, but I am happy for where I have gotten to so far,” Lekzy reiterated.

By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson||Ghana