Make Kwesi Botchwey report public – Spio-Garbrah

Dr. Spio-Garbrah
Spio-Garbrah in the studios of 3FM 92.7

A flagbearer hopeful of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah has called on the party to make the Prof. Kwesi Botchwey report public for all party members to contribute to correcting the mistakes of the party to ensure victory in 2020.

Speaking to Winston Amoah on Sunrise on 3FM on Tuesday, Dr. Spio-Garbrah said that the Kwesi Botchwey report captures events leading to the 2016 general elections, and events after, as well as some errors that the party might have made leading to their loss in the elections.

Dr. Spio-Grabrah said the report ought to be made available to some major stakeholders of the party to enable them right the wrongs done during the next elections.

“I have not seen the report; most people haven’t seen the report. I believe one copy was supplied to the party headquarters, but copies were not made.”

“It is a problem to go to a doctor and get X-Ray, have your blood test, take urine samples and the doctor refuses to share your results with you, yet you are expected to get better. You take an examination, you do not see your examination papers, they tell you, you got 44%, go home and do better later, it doesn’t work for the student, it doesn’t work for the patient, and it will not work for our party,” he stated.

He also said he will find ways to make portions of the party’s report available to suitable persons, so they can correct their errors to ensure the party attains victory in the 2020 elections.

“…That contributed to our lost in 2016, because if you do not go to energise your grassroots, it is almost as If you are a farmer, which I am, and if you are not tilling the ground, or ploughing or harrowing it before putting seeds in it to grow…a whole Kwesi Botchwey report was written, but which unfortunately has also been hidden.”

He noted that the theory that their opponents will use the report against them if made public is not true.

Dr. Spio-Garbrah also added that he was certain of emerging as the flagbearer of the NDC, and he is ready to lead the party to victory in the 2020 elections.

By Irene Amesimeku| 3news.com| Ghana

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