Majority lack maturity in their approach in Parliament – Former Clerk

A Former Clerk to Parliament, Samuel Ntim Darkwa has taken a swipe at the Majority group in parliament.

He described the approach towards government business in the hung parliament by the Majority as immature and lacking leadership.

Mr Ntim Darkwa who served under Ghana’s First president Dr Kwame Nkrumah said the majority must devise new modes of doing public business in parliament.

Asked for his views on how the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Members of Parliament have conducted so far especially in relation to the E-levy proposal, while speaking in interview with TV3’s Komla Kluste, Mr Darkwa said “I think it is lack of Maturity.

“Certainly, when you are in a crisis you must show certain qualities of of leadership not the same things, that, I am in the Majority, you will have your say and I will have my way. You don’t do that because for any motion that is put before the House if the votes are equal it means nobody gains.

“If the motion is 10 saying no, and 10 saying yes you lose the motion, so nobody benefits from that one. So you must try this time for the sake of the nation.”

The Majority are going through extreme difficulties in getting the E-levy proposal approved by Parliament after two failed attempt following rejection by the Minority in Parliament.

The situation has forced the government to to organize nationwide consultations to sensitize the public on the proposal.

By Komla Kluste||Ghana

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