Major Maxwell Mahama Foundation established to kick against mob justice

The family of late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama has established a foundation in memory of the late soldier. The army commander was lynched by a mob at Denkyira Obuasi – now New Obuasi – while on official duties in 2017. He was killed on Monday, May 29, 2017. The Major Maxwell Mahama Foundation, as it is called, is aimed at leading a campaign against mob justice. Speaking on 3FM’s Sunrise on Thursday, November 1, father of late Major Mahama Captain (rtd) Denis Adam said the family of the slain soldier is committed to ensuring that no such incident occurs ever again. “The death of Major Maxwell Mahama should never be in vain, and the only way for it not to be in vain is for us to ensure that never again should such a thing happen to any other person. “We should use his death to stop mob justice.” He stated that the family has taken opportunity of the late Major’s birthday, which falls on November 1, to officially launch the foundation to celebrate his life. “Major Maxwell Mahama’s death should not be in vain, we should use that to sensitize the whole nation to rise up against mob action. “It is to make sure that what happened to him does not happen to anybody. We do not want any family to go through that pain. So it is to campaign against mob justice,” Captain Adam reiterated. He called on Ghanaians to contribute to the Foundation towards efforts to lead the fight against mob action. Captain Adam also charged corporate bodies and the media to support the Foundation to send the message against mob action across. “Let us send the message out there to reach every corner of the nation.” As part of activities marking the late Major Mahama’s birthday, the Foundation is making donations at the Teshie Orphanage home, and would also use the opportunity to educate patrons about the ills associated with mob action. [caption id="attachment_103158" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The late, Major Maxwell Mahama[/caption]

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Trial of suspects in Major Mahama case Following the mob action which led to the death of the late Captain, some 14 persons are standing trial. The case, which has been before the Accra High Court since 2017, is yet to see closure. Speaking about seeking justice for his son, Captain Denis Adam said the family is disappointed in the delay in the prosecution case against the 14 suspects. “Justice is our clarion call; we want justice for the late Major Maxwell Mahama. So far, the case is in court, and it is proceeding. It is just unfortunate the proceeding is very slow…and so that is what we are experiencing. “We felt that from what I have heard from people who have watched the video of the Denkyira Obuasi people trooping out to chase this poor innocent boy, they mentioned about hundred people including women…” “If over hundred people were involved in this kind of thing, we are expecting not 14 people to stand trial, but the police CID has assured us that they are still on their heels, so this 14 they are sure of, but there are more others,” he said. Asked by Sunrise host Winston Amoah if he supports death sentence as punishment for people liable for murder, Captain Adams said the law must be applied as stated in the law books. “I strongly believe that if you look into somebody’s eyes and crash them, you should equally be crashed,” he emphasized. By Irene Amesimeku|| Ghana    ]]>

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