Major Mahama’s family ‘seeking justice’ & leaves forgiveness to God

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Some <a href=https3newscomtagfamily class=st tag internal tag rel=tag title=All content related to family>family<a> members of the late Capt Maxwell Mahama during his <a href=https3newscomtagfuneral class=st tag internal tag rel=tag title=All content related to funeral>funeral<a>

The father of the late Major Maxwell Mahama says all he is interested in is justice for his son.

Captain (rtd) Denis  Mahama said the people of Denkyira Obuasi, who were involved in the murder of Major Mahama while on official duty, can seek forgiveness from God.

“As for forgiveness, I leave it to God because the person that they murdered so gruesomely was created by God and so God gave him the life and they decided to take it away.

“They should go to God and seek for forgiveness,” he stated on ‘s  on Monday when asked by host Winston Amoah if he has forgiven the suspects.

“As far as I am concerned, I am seeking justice,” he poured out.

Major Mahama, who was an officer with the 5th Infantry Battalion, was lynched and his body partly burnt by some of Denkyira-Obuasi – now New Obuasi – in the on Monday, May 29, 2017 on suspicion that he was an armed robber.

Fourteen suspects are currently standing trial for various offences including murder.

Retired Captain Mahama believes the suspects could be more.

“I don't think that it's the 14 people who are standing trial now, it's just a peanut and I am happy that the has not brought a stop to their investigations and for that matter pursue all those who were involved in one way or the other; others went and bought petrol, others lit matches on him to set [his body] ablaze.

“I wish to see the over 100 people who contributed in various ways to the death of this innocent son of mine [brough to book],” he demanded.

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Late major Mahama was buried at the Osu <a href=https3newscomtagmilitary class=st tag internal tag rel=tag title=All content related to military>Military<a> Cemetery

It is the hope  of Rtd. Capt. Denis that the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) of the Police Service will do more work to intensify its investigations and bring all suspects to book even if there are 300 of them.

According to him, the family does not consider taking the issue out of court, emphasizing: “We want the court to settle issues”.

He also indicated that there have been instances that he got emotional in court due to some of the “disappointing” arguments advanced by the defense .

“I have shed tears in court for hearing defense counsels say all sort of things,” he said, “for instance, trying to create the impression that he was there illegally.”

He wondered if the people had the right to take the into their own hands even if his son was there illegally.

Announcing activities to commemorate the one-year anniversary on Tuesday, May 29, he said there will be a church service, wreath laying ceremony and a sod-cutting  for the construction of a monument in memory of the late soldier.

By P.D Wedam||Ghana