Maj. Mahama's family descends on 'irresponsible' broadcasters

Zakaria Sakara speaks for late Major Mahama’s family[/caption] The family of late Major Maxwell Mahama has condemned an audio report purportedly churned out by an Accra-based radio host suggesting that the slain soldier had spent three months in the Upper Denkyira West District before his death among other claims. The audio contradicts the police account which said he was in the area for just three weeks. A voice that appears to be that of a popular Akan broadcaster made several other revelations including a murder attempt on some soldiers, which the family of the late soldier considers as irresponsible. Spokesperson for Major Mahama’s family, Zakaria Sakara told 3FM 92.7 morning showing Sunrise, “I don’t expect responsible citizens not to help the police in this investigation and then go broadcasting this kind of things”. It is proper that anybody with information that would be useful to investigators to give it to the police for interrogation, he directed. “If you broadcast it, are you trying to help the police or undermine them?” he queried. Mr. Sakara warned that broadcasting sensitive but false information could seriously affect the outcome of investigations into the murder. “We are already preparing people’s mind to reject the police investigation, which is unfair. So people should stop this. “As we said they should stop circulating the pictures, the same way, they should stop circulating their own investigation reports, they should go to the police and provide that information. “Don’t pollute people’s mind to rejecting that the police is going to put out. I felt sad about it. I spoke to the father, the father provided me a few details, and I think people should be a circumspect with this.” [caption id="attachment_52981" align="aligncenter" width="564"] Major M. A. Mahama[/caption] Major Maxwell Adam Mahama was murdered by a mob on May 29, 2017 at Denkyira-Obuasi while serving as the detachment commander based in Upper Denkyira West District capital Diaso. Survived by a 26-year-old wife and two kids who are four and two years respectively, Major Mahama would be buried on June 9, 2017. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Listen to excerpts of interview with spokesperson of Maj. Mahama’s family on 3FM Read funeral arrangements here By Isaac Essel ||Ghana]]>

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