Maison Yusif to release its most anticipated Leather To Excellence fragrance


Ghanaian artisan perfume brand Maison Yusif in its pursuit to stir up the fragrance industry in Ghana is set to launch one of its most sought-after niche creations, Leather To Excellence fragrance in Ghana.

The animalic leather, suede, and the sweet smell of raspberry served as the inspiration for the highly publicized fragrance, which is a 100-percent leather perfume collection.

The leather-inspired fragrance which is derived from the deepest region of the African continent is a perfect illustration of the greatness, power, and depth of the continent’s history.

According to the creative head of Maison Yusif, Yusif Meizongo Jr, it took him over 36 weeks to come up with this masterpiece.

“ It has been a long time coming, honestly this took me over 36 weeks to finally create what you’re seeing here today and I can’t wait for everyone to experience this amazing scent we have here,” he said.

He further mentioned that sourcing the right ingredients for leather to excellence wasn’t a walk in the park as it seems and that he’s very optimistic about the prospect of this new addition.

“ Truth be told, getting the right ingredients for this has been a lot of work for us here as a team, but it is worth the time and effort. Also, with the inspiration, we needed something that represents us as a people and leather is one of the many things that represents us as a people “ he added.

This ever-endearing fragrance of excellence made to capture spirit, soul, and mind adds to the fleets of unique creations from the camp of Maison Yusif.

The Maison Yusif brand since its inception in 2017 has professionally chalked remarkable successes worth mentioning, not forgetting the many challenging times that have accompanied its growth.

The young perfumer, Yusif Meizongo Jnr, together with his nine (9) member team, through their creative lenses, has created over 200 top-notch fragrances with a chunk still in the works.

He hopes to continue to inspire confidence with his fragrances and retain the most reputable brand for high-quality alcohol-based that make a lasting memory on the skin of its elevated clients.


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