Maintain your integrity & independence – GJA Bono Reg. Chair to members

The Chairman of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) in the Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions has asked members not to allow themselves to be used for selfish political interests.

“I encourage you to maintain your integrity and independence and do not allow yourselves to be used by partisan political interests in the execution of your duties.”

This was contained in Larry Paa Kwesi Moses’ end-of-year statement to usher in the New Year.

Find the statement below:

On behalf of the Executives of the GJA, (Bono, Bono East and Ahafo Regions), it is my pleasure and honor to extend greetings to you as we stand on the cusp of 2021.

I am humbled, once again, to open another new year with you as the Chairman of this unmatchable Association that has faced numerous challenges but realized many a success in the past year.

As we enter 2021 we do so with the pragmatism that it will not all be smooth sailing for us as an association or as individual media practitioners, but we have the hope that we can use our skills and abilities to surmount every challenge to achieve greatness.

2020 has been an interesting and pivotal year for us as an Association and for individual members of our fraternity.

We will continue to provide training opportunities for members as those become available and we implore you, our members, to take advantage of these opportunities.

Media practitioners continue to provide invaluable service to their publics by providing information, entertaining and being the conduit between the public and newsmakers.

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I applaud you for your efforts, sometimes, under very difficult and trying circumstances.

While I do not wish to focus on the negatives, it is important for us to reflect on some of our challenges to prepare us better for the future.

A great number of our members continue to be subjected to intimidation, threats and harassment about which we are gravely concerned.

Do not allow the forces of government, business, religion or of any other group, organization or agency to deter your from your role as the purveyor of critical information to the public.

In 2021 the GJA in the three Bono Regions will continue to build on our relationship with media practitioners, designing programs and activities in areas of mutual interest.

We will continue to explore avenues to attract more members and continue our focus on professional development.

Our discussion with members on pertinent issues will be intensified.

Be careful to arm yourself with the right information and knowledge of the standards that govern our professional so you will be able to stand the tests that will present themselves.

I encourage you to maintain your integrity and independence and do not allow yourselves to be used by partisan political interests in the execution of your duties.

I wish you all the best in 2021 and give you the assurance that the GJA will continue to stand with you to protect the independence, integrity and the role of the media in our society.

……. Signed …….

Larry Paa Kwesi Moses

GJA Chairman (Bono, Bono East and Ahafo Regions)

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