Mahama’s messengers are incompetent – law lecturer

A senior law lecturer, Kwame Gyan, has questioned the competence of President John Mahama’s communicators, who he says, are not been diligent in the discharge of their duties.

Describing them as ‘messengers’, the renowned legal practitioner contends many of the President’s communicators “are not up to scratch,” when it comes to getting the real job done.

“I think that the way it is in this country, there are people who are Akyeame [linguists] …but some of them or many of them are not up to scratch so even when the President had a very good message, messengers botched the messages before they are delivered or botched the messages during delivery,” he observed.

Mr. Gyan made the observation when he took his turn on TV3’s current affairs programme, Hot Issues to speak on the legal and international issues of the controversial resettlement of the two ex-Guantanamo Bay detainees in the country. The full programme will air on Saturday at 12:00

He said President Mahama lacks good communicators, which he argues, is critical in politics, saying “what we don’t have too much or too many around his Excellency are very good messengers”.

“I think in Politics, sometimes your messengers must be better and sweeter than your message,” he added.  

Mr. Gyan likened the work of communicators in politics to that of linguist in our traditional setting, who he said are “expected to be smarter than the chief so that he can bring out the nitty-gritties and to point out to the chief what can go wrong”.

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He said the linguist in our tradition system is “the microchip; he will process the information and determine what goes and what doesn’t go”

However, he said it is regrettable to note that same cannot be said of the President’s communicators.

He specifically lashed out at them on how they handled the Guantanamo Bay ex-detainees by bringing President Mahama to the slaughterhouse, arguing that they should have intervened in the issue when it came up three weeks ago.

“Now what they have done is, the last man is the President; you brought him to the slaughterhouse on Guantanamo. If he has not been able to impress the Ghanaian people, who can impress them?” he questioned.