Mahama shouldn’t be swayed by Badu Kobi’s ‘fake’ prophecies – US-based Political Scientist

A Lecturer at the Political Science Department of Auburn University, Alabama in the United States of America has advised the former President, John Mahama, not to be carried away by what he termed as ‘fake prophecies’ of the Founder and Leader of the Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.

Dr. Hayford Nsiah also urged Ghanaians not to vote based on these so-called prophecies but vote based on what the various presidential candidates say they would do and their track record.

Prophet Badu Kobi, while preaching in his church on Sunday, November 8, proclaimed that as part of his prophecy, he saw Joe Biden holding the November 3 votes but Donald Trump hit the back of his palms, took the votes and left with it.

Apart from this, he also revealed that in Ghana’s December 7 election, former President Mahama would be heralded as the next President of Ghana.

Reacting to the two issues on Onua FM’s Yen Sempa on Monday from his base in the United States of America, Dr. Nsiah said “former President Mahama should not be carried away by Badu Kobi’s prophecies because none of his prophecies have come to pass”.

“I believe in prophecies but this of Badu Kobi is a lie.”

Dr. Nsiah explained that “because of these prophecies, some people do not use their minds to make decisions. Because of these prophecies, some people would not listen to what the candidates are saying they can do”.

The Lecturer advised that “listen to what the candidates say they can do and vote and not to follow Badu Kobi’s fake prophecies”.

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Trump victory prophecy

Dr. Nsiah said the prophecy that US President Donald Trump will win even though the elections have been declared in favour of Democrat’s Joe Biden “is between him [Badu Kobi] and his God”.

“He should come and tell us where the movie has not ended. America is the greatest democracy in the world. The founding fathers have worked for that and so the fact that he [Trump] is going to court does not mean it can change the verdict.”

Dr. Nsiah explained that “going to court means he should prove beyond any reasonable doubt. Trump is going to court but does not have any evidence. Nothing is impossible to God but this cannot change. If God wants Trump to win, how can God wait for Biden to win and then Trump to go to court?”

A gospel musician who is based in the US, Maame Esaaba Haizel, also contributing to the discussions from the US explained that “I am a minister of God. I believe in prophecies but not that of Badu Kobi”.

“His prophecies are far from the truth and it makes Christians suffer a lot. Not the kind of prophecies some Ghanaian men of god are churning out”.

She said Prophet Badu Kobi probably might have learnt a lot about the US elections and that was why he gave those ‘fake’ prophecies.

“God has never revealed anything to him. There would be nothing in America. They should go on with their fake prophecies for Ghana elections,” the Nhyiraba composer said.

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Maame Esaaba Haizel added that “some Ghanaian pastors are making people feel that there would be a calamity in the US if Joe Biden wins but that will never happen. Everyone is going to work and that is US”.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo||Ghana