Mahama declares vigil for NDC members on 2024 election day

Former President John Mahama has implored every member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to stay vigil on December 7, 2024 and monitor the counting of ballots.

The former President said every NDC member must be at various polling and collation centres when counting of the ballots is ongoing to ensure no one rigs the election.

Mr. Mahama made the call during his visit to the Jomoro Constituency in the Western Region on Sunday, March 26.

The visit forms part of his tour to the Western Region to canvass for votes to lead the NDC in the 2024 elections.

Hundreds of NDC supporters from the entire Jomoro Constituency trooped to welcome the former President even though the meeting was meant for delegates for the May 13th internal elections.

The former President promised that every resource needed for the 2024 election campaign would be provided to enable the party campaign effectively to win the elections.

“In the previous [elections], we had situations where branch executives of about 9 came to me and none of them had NDC T-shirt on. It will not happen again. This time, I will get them to you directly so that you know what I brought and share,” he told them in Twi.

He further said, “That day…on December 7, we shall do all night…we shall not sleep because we are bringing machines that will transmit result”.

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“We shall put tea and coffee there. We shall give you numbers to call and send the results the moment results are declared, so by midnight, the results are ready and NDC is winning,” he said.

The former President said the NDC will train all polling agents for the 2024 elections and will ensure that everyone who would be recruited are able to read and write.

The Western Regional Chairman of the NDC, Nana Kojo Toku, hailed the entire people of Jomoro for standing solidly behind the MP, Dorcas Affo-Toffey, during her court case.

He said such cases are fought by people with thick character like Madam Affo-Toffey and that is what the NDC wants in order to win the 2024 elections.

Nana Kojo Toku called on NDC delegates to remember what Madam Affo-Tofffey went through during her court case which could have broken her down as a woman.

“It was a difficult thing for us as a party and for your MP but you all stood behind her and now victory is ours,” he told delegates at Jomoro.

“Even men could not stand what Madam Affo-Toffey went through and that means she needs to be rewarded even though we are not saying no one should contest her.”

The MP, Dorcas Affo-Toffey, appealed to the former President to create jobs for Jomoro when he wins power.

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She said the petroleum hub when completed would create jobs for thousands of youth in the constituency and the country.

Madam Affo-Toffey explained that his constituents are in dire need of jobs to improve on their living conditions and she is sure the former President will heed to her appeal when he wins power.

“Mr. President, when you were coming, you saw the Samenye to Half Assini road. When we were planning this road, they said we should take it to Elubo. I said no, if we take it to Elubo, our father will not see the nature of this road. In the year 2020, when they [NPP] wanted our votes, they came to lie to us that they will do it. It was awarded in the year 2020 under the oil and gas enclave roads but it has been abandoned because they said there is no money. Recently, I raised it in Parliament and I brought the Roads and Highways Minister to answer. Mr. President, please, we know you are coming in the year 2024 so we urge you not to forget us when you come. Come and continue the roads for us because they have put me in tight corner.”

Madam Affo-Toffey said “another one, when you look at our 2020 manifesto, he [Mahama] said he would build a modern market in Elubo and we urged him to come and do as he promised when he wins power,” the MP added.

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The MP reminded Mr. Mahama that he also promised the people of Western Region construction of railway line and this she believes will better the life of the people in the area.

On the electricity situation in the constituency, the MP explained that Jomoro is now developed and so many places that do not have electricity must be given electricity.

“We need electricity extension to these places so we are reminding you. We know you are already the President in 2025. We are just waiting for the time. We urge him to add Jomoro to his list when he comes.”

She assured former President Mahama that Jomoro Constituency will give him their hundred per cent vote during the May 13 presidential primaries so he should not worry to even come and campaign.

The Constituency Chairman, Anthony Armah Benele, spoke about the deplorable nature of Bentilibo, Toako Number to Navrongo road and urged the former President to consider constructing it for them.

He explained that these areas have cocoa yet because of the bad nature of the roads, farmers are unable to bring the cocoa to town to sell.


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