Mahama asked to clarify directive to MMDCEs to defer academic courses

The Dean of Studies and Research at the Institute of Local Government Studies, Dr. Eric Osae has asked President John Mahama to clarify his directive to the chief executives of the various assemblies who are schooling to defer their courses.

There have been complains of some government appointees shirking their responsibilities due some other engagements, including schooling.

Consequently, President Mahama last week ordered all metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives pursuing academic courses while in office to defer such programmes with immediate effect.

Although Dr. Osae has described the directive as a laudable one and something that should be extended to cover all apppointees, he wants the President to clarify the directive considering that some of those schooling do not use official hours for their course.

“There is the need for policy clarity or directive clarity because there are some people who go to school in the evenings. There are some who go to school over the weekend [and] there are some who take their leave to go to school. Which calibre of people are we referring to?” he asked.

Dr. Osae asked those affected not to see the directive as  an attempt to deprive them from upgrading themselves but to make them effectively discharge their duties.

“I think it’s a very good directive but I think it should be extended to cover all similar government appointees who are using official time to go to school because it doesn’t augur well…we are using the Republic’s money to pay you and you use the normal working hours to go to school, he added.

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He wondered why it took the President so long a time before giving such a directive, and suggested to future governments to give such directives at the start of their term and not wait until election year to make such decisions.

“The question I’m asking myself is why now, why do we do this in an election year? I think subsequently, all governments should make sure that they bring out this directives in their first year in office in that case, you’ll be able to derive maximum benefit from that,” he concluded.