Updated: Mahama achieved 52.9% of 2012 manifesto promises – IMANI

John Mahama
Policy think-tank IMANI-Ghana scored the Mahama-led administration 52.9 percent of promises it made in the 2012 manifesto, contrary to claims by the National Democratic Congress that the government at least implemented 80% of its policy document.
Presenting report on its assessment of the government’s performance over the four-year period in Accra Thursday, IMANI said the score means that the government performed fairly out of the 540 promises contained in the NDC 2012 manifesto.
The economy, governance, education, social policy and infrastructure were the thematic areas the think-tank based its assessment on.
The Mahama-led administration which is seeking another four-year term scored 43.9% in economy, which happened to be its weakest sector. The government’s highest score was in education were it achieved a good performance of 69.4%.
According to IMANI, the Assessment Team assigned 25% weight to Governance, 25% weight to Economy, 15% to Human Capital Investment, 15% to Social Policy, and 20% to Infrastructural Development.
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