Madam Bullgod, shut up and stop disgracing yourself – Shatta Wale fires ‘ex-manager’

Madam Bullgod, shut up and stop disgracing yourself - Shatta Wale fires 'ex-manager'
Bullgod and Shatta Wale

Ghanaian dancehall musician Shatta Wale is on another social media rant as he drags Nana Asaimah (Bullgod) on his official Facebook page.

Shatta Wale has accused his former manager of sabotage. He mentions that Bullgod has been granted interviews solely to talk about him.

“This was quiet, but u granted an interview to let them know you’re not working with me whilst we didn’t even have a problem. Now you have made it a problem. So carry your own bucket !!! I’m tired of this your nonsense BULLDOG!!!
Now that I am talking, the foolish minds will come with their English to show me they get sense. YOU NO GO FIT SHOW ME NOTHING !!

“Bull Dog, grow up. The interviews about me be too much.
What do you want to prove? Nothing !!! So shut the fuck up before I start talking, please !! You know I can talk and you can’t stop me. So behave yourself before I lose it!!!”

Again Shatta Wale called Bullgod ungrateful, citing that he lavished him (Bullgod) with money. He also added that Bullgod was never his manager. He revealed that he had Bullgod on his payroll like every other employee.

“If eno be my fans, WHO? Come out and tell me if you ever show me how to make money. I fucken showed you money your entire generation did not show you !! Appreciate the KING and don’t let TV and social media fool you. My fans are on the streets and not just on social media. You lose big time,” Shatta Wale wrote.

Shatta Wale’s facebook post

He continued, “I HATE UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE !! What at all do you all want from me!! You have not done anything to change my life decisions. I took every decision myself till I made you guys enjoy some good money. Stop all this. You are disgracing yourselves too much, Bulldog and the sell-outers. Tv and social media fanatics, Go work!!”

Shatta Wale’s facebook post

Bullgod, who is yet to respond to Shatta Wale’s claims, announced on Nana Ama McBrown’s that he has severed all working ties with Shatta Wale. He detailed that although he was no longer his manager, he referred to Shatta Wale as his brother.


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