Lynx Entertainment unveils kids sensation, Afrapa

Lynx Entertainment unveils kids sensation, Afrapa
Afrapa Nursery Rhymes

Lynx Entertainment, the talent management company and creative hub, has unleashed its newest musical act.

Lynx Entertainment has introduced animated musical content aimed at preschool-age viewers through characters collectively known as Afrapa.

Kids will learn letters, numbers, words, sounds and relatable preschool themes with the release of a series of episodes.

The first ever Afrapa compilation is titled ‘Afrobeats Nursery Rhymes’ Volume 1.

This compilation will see Afrapa take kids through vital preschool lessons laid creatively on Afrobeats rhythms.

The primary aim of this creative work is to engage schools and families with entertaining and educational content.

Parents and teachers can access the compilation of the animated musical content on Lynx Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

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