LPG to set up a Whistleblower Committee to tackle corruption – LPG National Chair

The National Chairman of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) John Ackah has urged Ghanaians to vote for his party in the December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections in order to deal with corruption-related issues facing the country.

In his view, the two major political parties in Ghana, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have failed to deal with graft issues that have saddled the nation over the years.

He revealed that the LPG will set up a committee to ensure that persons engaged in corruption are held liable for their actions.

Speaking on the Elections 360 programme on TV3 Wednesday November 18, Mr Ackah, said “If Ghanaians give us the mandate you will see that there will be a big change in fighting corruption.

“We will set up a Whistleblower Committee and that committee will be responsible for investigating and come to a conclusion not to let the matter be in the media as an allegation so that at least they can be brought to court and they pronounce judgment on such cases.”

Passing a verdict on the performance of the current NPP administration in the area of the fight against corruption, he recognized the establishment of the office the Special Prosecutor as a step in the fight against corruption.

He said it was up to Martin Amidu who has resigned from the Special Prosecutor position to use that office to fight corruption.

He said “The government has set up this office of the prosecutor in order to fight corruption so it is up to the one who occupy the office to understand that this office is an independent office and therefore when corrupt matters arise before him, he must investigate them and be able to bring it before court.

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“Therefore this particular office should not be looking up to the president and reporting something to the president, it is not necessary.”

By Kaziah Owusu Afram|3news.com|Ghana