Love & romance on Date Rush; maybe marriage too

Love, lust, infatuations or whatever is it that is expressed in the testimonies of the over 15 successfully fixed dates on TV3’s date-matching reality show, Date Rush, one thing is obvious – an expression of fondness and a promising future.  What even makes the testimonies more interesting to watch is how quick partners got to know themselves after they only got hooked up on a TV show. In some instances, it’s as though some partners had known themselves for as long as ‘once upon a time’. But the truth is, they only met once on a TV Reality show called ‘Date Rush’ which gave them opportunity to pitch for a date: they happened to like certain traits about each other and braved themselves to give love a chance, then boom! For some of them, meeting their partners via TV3‘s reality show was God-ordained. But others simply believe it was a strange meeting which they will ever consider dear. Yet others simply find it inexplicable. “Shoto is like the perfect gentleman I have ever met, I couldn’t have had a better date, I will like to do this with him everyday,” Paz, who was matched with Nana Kweku aka Shoto on the 2nd episode of the show, confesses as she wraps herself around his waist. It may be an early call to make but considering how well the partners gel and flow with each other, especially on the nights on the all-expense-paid dates by Rush Energy drink, then one can comfortably predict the future – marriages. Some had wished to spend the rest of their lives living like the days of their outings. That isn’t out of coverage area, but that decision is entirely theirs to make as Date Rush has set the tone for them. On Friday, January 11’s edition, viewers expect to hear more testimonies from the successfully paired pairs last week. Make time at 8:00pm for another power-packed show.

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By P.D Wedam||Ghana ]]>