Love is not enough for a successful marriage – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Love is not enough for a successful marriage – Uncle Ebo Whyte
Uncle Ebo Whyte

Marriage counsellor and playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte has shared another marriage nugget with his Facebook audience. According to him, love is not the ultimate ingredient for a fruitful marriage.

Gathering from his Facebook wall, the absence of respect, trust and commitment in a marriage would definitely spell disaster. And how would marriage be without communication and humour?

“In my experience, love alone is not enough for a marriage to succeed. There has to be respect, trust, commitment, communication and humour.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte explained how incorporating these elements in his marriage has shaped it into a better and more complimenting aspect of his life.

“Yes, humour. Early in my marriage to Florence, I couldn’t understand why I’ll return home tired and find my wife angry and giving me attitude. And will sometimes match her boot for boot in the anger. I realised this wasn’t helping us, both of us, angry over simple issues. So I started introducing humour to diffuse the situation.

“So when I get home and find her frowning, and I’d say, “Have I told you that when you frown, you look more sexy?” She’ll burst out laughing, and then I’ll apologise and explain why I was late. Humour has helped us solve issues that could go for days in just minutes. We all need some healthy humour in our homes to counter the effects of the stressful world we’ve created for ourselves,” Uncle Ebo Whyte concluded.

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana