Lots of idiots are on Twitter – Stephanie Benson

Lots of idiots are on Twitter – Stephanie Benson
Stephanie Benson

Ghanaian musician Stephanie Benson’s response to her so many controversies on Twitter was as interesting as her persona. In response to why she’s engaged in so much banter online, the bubbly Stephanie said that Twitter was pretty much full of idiots.

During the special Ghana moth interview on Showbiz 360 with Giovani Caleb, Stephanie Benson had this to say about the famous microblogging app.

“Twitter, I was fighting with everybody. I just joined, and I just realized there are a lot of idiots on there. So I’m thinking, ‘Hey, let’s go. I’m one of them, so it’s a lot of fun.”

Stephanie Benson also shared that she’s not fazed by the comments people throw her way. She said, “It doesn’t bother me. That’s the fun of it because, you know, sometimes people are afraid to be themselves. I’m not afraid to be judged. So, once you judge me, it’s their problem. I mean, for me, it’s like it’s all about me.

Listen, I’m no different at home than I am on social media. No different. Trust me on that. Actually, I’m worse at home. So, sometimes when they watch me, they think, ‘Mummy why are you so good on these people?’ It’s because they are not quite used to me yet, but it’s happening.”

The beautiful mother of five revealed her two proudest Ghanaian moments as, “Ampesi (boiled yam) and meko (hot pepper sauce) and koobi (dry salted tilapia). That’s really good. And the cloth. Our fabrics are just beautiful and vibrant. Everybody is trying to copy it now. And I think that’s what identifies us. The Kente as well, the cloth is just beautiful.”

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Stephanie Benson talked about her new single, which she revealed teaches young ladies to do the right thing.

“You Know, not bending over all the time for the guys. I don’t mean like being accommodating, I mean literally bending over. It’s really just teaching them how to be better people,” she concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana