Looking after your body while pregnant

Look after your body during pregnancy with these top tips from Australian pilates guru Sally Anderson, founder of Pilates International studios.

  1. Find the balance.
“During pregnancy your balance is continually challenged, as your centre of gravity changes along with the growing baby. Safe balance exercises should be done most days, even as simply as standing on one leg – somewhere that you can hold on if you lose balance.”
  1. Strengthen up.
“Building leg strength is incredibly helpful for pregnant women,” Sally says. This is not only important for supporting the extra weight of bub and your changing body, but leg strength can also aid in birth, particularly for endurance when it comes to maintaining positions
  1. Watch your posture.
“A woman’s posture changes during pregnancy, with most experiencing an increased curve in the lower back and the effects of gravity, growing breasts and baby all weighing on the upper back,” explains Sally. “Pilates programs will strategically address balancing of the posture throughout pregnancy and will teach a wide variety of ways to strengthen the all-important upper back and shoulders at a time when women can no longer lay on their front to do back exercises. The strength of the upper back will help unload stress on the lower back, as well as create greater hold against gravity and prepare mum for holding, lifting and nursing baby.” Source: newidea.com.au]]>

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