Liz Truss is new UK Prime Minister

Liz Truss will be formally appointed on Tuesday

Mary Elizabeth Truss has been elected as leader of the Tories.

She defeated Rishi Sunak with 57 percent of the votes to his 43 percent, a narrower margin than expected.

This will make her the next UK Prime Minister, to succeed Boris Johnson, who resigned in July.

Liz Truss, as she is widely known, will lead the Conservative Party in the UK Parliament, becoming the third woman to be British Prime Minister.

She will be formally appointed by the Queen on Tuesday, September 6.

Until the appointment, Liz Truss served as the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Developmental Affairs.

On Monday, she promised to take action to deal with surging energy costs.

The 47-year-old has also promised to deliver on the promises made by the Tories in the 2019 elections and will deliver victory in the next elections.

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||UK




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