Like everything else, we’ll eventually accept our fate – Lydia Forson tackles E-levy

we'll eventually accept our fate – Lydia Forson tackles E-levy
Lydia Forson

The controversial Electronic Levy (E-levy) has started rolling today, Sunday, May 1, to mixed reactions from Ghanaians. According to social activist Lydia Forson, Ghanaians may have to accept their fate and move on. 

Yesterday, the last e-levy free day, was fraught with panic withdrawals leaving mobile money agents dry and customers frustrated from lack of funds. In analyzing the mayhem caused by the new tax levy on the citizenry, Lydia Forson gives her take on the current situation.

“I’m sure in their research leading up to the #elevy, the government anticipated the chaos and panic withdrawals,’ the actress wondered. 

Lydia Forson also projected that Ghanaians may have to make good out of the current predicament as characteristics of the ‘affable’ Ghanaian. 

“ But they’re hoping, like everything else, we will eventually accept our fate because so many have become reliant on momo. We’ll have to wait and see,” she tweeted. 

Day one features complaints about ‘unlawful’ deductions that have flooded timelines. Per e-levy parameters, the amount of GH100 and less are exempt. But unfortunately, many users have been deducted after making transactions of GH100 and below. 

By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana

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