Like Asamoah Gyan, everybody needs an autobiography ― and this is how Scribe helps you to have one!

Last weekend, Ghanaian football legend, Asamoah Gyan, trended with his book launch. A plush event graced by the crème-de-la-crème of this nation, the book sought to throw the spotlight on the footballer and his journey to the top.

The highlight of the whole event for me was the fact that the eyes of many Ghanaians were opened as far as telling their own story was concerned. If we can’t tell our own story, who else will? If our impact cannot be passed on to other generations through our autobiography, then this impact was indeed only for a moment.   

A fine patriot who has paid his dues, this book was about himself ― a man telling his own story instead of leaving it in the hands of people who barely knew him. This book is going to be one of the many memorabilia of the famed footballer that will be handed over to generations yet to come. Posterity may come meet his absence. However, this book will be his presence.

Unlike many Ghanaians, Asamoah Gyan took a daring step to tell his life story from his perspective. This is not a book about him written by others. We have read countless news stories about him. This time, Baby Jet gave himself the opportunity to give us a refreshing account of all these stories from his own point of view. In some stories, he was the villain and in others, the protagonist.

People like this great footballer have left a trace of themselves in this world. At least, they have shared with posterity their gains and losses and will forever be remembered for this goodwill. An autobiography is a piece of ourselves we leave behind. Anyone who chances on it has the opportunity to relive our lives.

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Indeed, everybody needs an autobiography. We need to own our own stories. Our autobiography will become a guiding path for our children and their children. They will skip mistakes that drew us back. Our autobiography can be that glimmer of hope that will spur them on to do more despite their setbacks.

In the African setting, many people die without ever having their story told. They are buried with their wealth of wisdom that could have turned our society around. They pass on to eternal glory with all the great ideas that could have been a baton other people may have run this journey of life with.

An untold story is an unfinished dream. Our life on earth would not have been fully lived if those who will come after us will have no benefit from our experiences as told by ourselves.

Not everyone is born to write and this is why Scribe Communications, over the years, has demystified the fear surrounding writing one’s autobiography. We make it possible for every story to be told. One doesn’t need to write themselves. All we need is a detailed narrated story.

Writing an autobiography is not a piece of cake only for the prominent. Every life that has been lived is a story worth telling. Each of us has a story to share with the world; whether poor or rich; whether young or old. It may be lessons from our struggles. It may even be how we achieved our little successes.

Everyone needs to document the highs and lows of their lives, especially if they are above 40 years. When it has all been said and done, our narration of who we were and how we left this world a better place is what matters, not what others will say about us. Everyone needs to have their memoir― not only the rich.

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Your autobiography is your CV. It is a graphical image of who you were, who you are and who you could be. It is a legacy of motivation you leave for others who could be inspired to do better than you did. At Scribe, your autobiography is our concern.

Unbelievably, many assume that writing their autobiography means an obvious preparation for death. Death will come when it decides to. However, just like a will is not for people ready to die, an autobiography is not a pre-death certificate.

Getting a book, like an autobiography, published involves about seven steps which include having your raw manuscript, editing/proofreading the manuscript and branding of the manuscripts which involves interior and exterior designing. Also, one needs to get their ISBN (International Standard Batch Number), print the books (optional though), market them and sell them either offline or online or both.

The interesting thing about Scribe’s offer is that you don’t need to do the writing. Just do the thinking and narration, we do the writing. All one needs to do is to send a request to our email ([email protected]) and book a session. Terms and conditions will be reached. With a few interview sessions, one will be on their way to owning their autobiography. That simple!

Scribe is a Ghanaian marketing company that offers services in editing/proofreading and all other writing services. Just think it. We ink it. 

Like Asamoah Gyan, we all should be authors of, at least, one book in our lifetime ― our autobiography. Nobody can tell our story better than we can. The best gift to hand over to our world is our story.

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By Kobina Ansah

The writer is a Ghanaian playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, an Accra-based writing firm.


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