Liberia president pardons ex-minister over corruption

Liberia’s President George Weah has pardoned ex-defence minister, Brownie Samukai, who was sentenced to a prison term by the Supreme Court for corruption.

He never entered jail, and the pardon means that he may be able to take his seat as a senator and works towards repaying the government.

Samukai and two others who worked under him were convicted of failing to account for more than $1m deducted routinely from soldiers’ salaries for savings while he was minister under former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Throughout his trial Samukai maintained the money had been spent on other official matters on the orders of the former president.

A senior minister in Mr Weah’s office told a press conference that the government will pay the money Samukai owes the former soldiers, and he will then pay back the government.

Samukai was elected senator for Lofa County in the far north in 2020, but didn’t take his seat

The court had ruled that he should remain in jail until he paid back the money.

Source: BBC

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