LGBTQI+: Picking & choosing culture over the bête noire

The recent hullabaloo over the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and their allied forces (LGBTQI+) that has gained traction in the media landscape in Ghana is a bugbear and a bête noire to our hitherto Edenic culture, to say the least.

Openly setting up an office in Dome, a suburb of Accra, with the endorsement of some section of the diplomatic corps in the country ignited a rather sensitive, yet necessary conversation on the topic.

Many viewpoints have been expressed thus far in the media, of its varied forms, conventional and social, for and against the idea of the group wanting our open society to accept the Uranian coitus between man-to-man and woman-to-woman.

In some cases, man/woman-to-other life forms, which the law refers to as “unnatural carnal knowledge” in our constitution which guarantees our sovereignty and equal freedom by stating what is right and proscribing what is disdainful and abominable to disrupt the beautiful fabric of our open society.

The basis of statutory instruments like the constitution in any country stems from their common laws, which are informed by their culture, which consequently ensures the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of the society.

Thus, Ghanaian society and its constitution of laws stem from our culture, guaranteeing what is harmonious and perpetual in our culture and vetoing what is canker and abomination to our social fabric with the tendency to disrupt our peaceful harmony as a social collective.

To face facts, the Urania tendency of what is now termed “LGBTQI+” is as exotic as all the imported cultural traits our society hold dear today like western schooling, western fashion, western food, western/English language (in our case), western science/medicine, western governance/system, and even western culture/spirituality that is so rife and inculcated within us. It goes back as far as the Conquistadors or the missionary advent of the Europeans to our shores, in that, before the Europeans came here sexual perversity was a hip of their culture and considered as an upper-echelon tendency whilst it was non-existent in our culture.

The earliest recording of the alien act dates back to the early Greek civilization, where thinkers like Plato eulogized man-to-man coitus in his book “Symposium” as an “enlightened practice”, calling the majority who abhor it as “despots” who have no flair for “democracy”, his democracy.

His student, Aristotle came along to perpetuate his master’s perverse philosophy by propounding it in his book “Politics” as a birth/population control mechanism to the powers that be.

Writers like Sappho wrote books on female-to-female and male-to-male sexual relationships on her home island of Lesbos, engendering the name “Lesbians”.

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These alien practices resonated with the early Greeks who had a proclivity for everything foreign and alien, after learning to found a new civilization from Egypt/Africa without the civilized spiritual depth of the latter.

After the Greeks, the Romans adopted the perverted practice deep into their fledgling civilization, by spiritualizing it into their state religion and spiritual occultism. It was a common practice in the Roman empire for a man to have coitus with his male slaves, it was common for a young boy to have carnal knowledge with an old man in the guise of transmitting and imparting knowledge into the young, forming secret societies to harbor the practice, hence the idea and term “mentors”, where old guild masters will adopt young boys “under their robes” to reveal the secrets of their trade to these innocuous apprentices.

This nihilistic practice got passed on through all the European civilizations until it got to England, where we consequently got acquainted with the Hellenistic habit by way of slavery and colonialism, just like everything else we inherited from them, good and bad. In England, sodomy used to carry the punishment of death before 1835, which consequently means it was highly fashionable long before they ventured here in the 16th century. Writers like Lord Byron, kings like Edward II and Hadrian were known homosexuals. One would argue, why would the system even promulgate segregated education when we live in an all-inclusive society and homes that expect us to live and behave all-inclusively? Why would parents force their young children to socialize none-inclusively if they expect them to harmonize inclusively later in the future?

Yes, the LGBTQI+ idea is a hedonist one, a population control agenda wrapped in the fine linen of “human rights”, logical and reasonable only to socially maladjusted individuals, be it genetically induced or socially induced.

Human right is enshrined within human dignity and that human dignity is informed on the premise of culture, which engenders every society and their laws, rules, regulations, taboos, and morals.

The reason why the human right tangent the nancy community continually tout about does not cut it for me is that, like suicide, a person who is afflicted emotionally, socially and medically, can decide to say it is his/her human right to end/kill him/herself but it is illegal to kill anybody, including one’s own self, thus, a person who attempts suicide can be charged for attempted murder to the person because society frowns on it, such is the quagmire of homosexuality in all its current fancy forms in our society.

For example, western society abhors “polygamy”, which is the marriage of a person to multiple spouses, it is illegal in their statutes because it stems from their culture to abhor multiple marriages but rather promulgate same-sex marriages and even what is called “bestiality”, which is marriage or intercourse between a person and an animal such as a dog, etc.

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This is the bottleneck western society has been pushing the future of their race through, which our culture obtusely swallowed hook, line, and sinker when we communed with them by way of colonialism.

It is a cultural suicide and even social genocide to allow such a cultural decadent to fester in our society cloaked in the loose and porous facade of “human rights” that is bandied about lately.

What would civilization and society be if every man is allowed to commit any wanton habit they consider as their right without regard for cultural morality and dignity?

And even the salient doctrine of democracy dictates that the laws, rights, and freedom must emanate from the majority of citizens within the society, and even these majority must be made up of the group above the age of consent.

This is so, in order to guarantee that the right-thinking individuals who make up the majority within that society get to make laws and regulations for the rest of the whole collective who may not be in the right frame to fathom the responsibility enshrined in freedom.

This is what is known as “majority morality” expressed in popular consensus in every democratic society, ours included, this is why the majority morality or public opinion of Ghana frown on the bete noire and bugbear of LGBTQ whatever, of an individualistic few who needs help, like every suicidal group within a collective society, not freedom to commit cultural suicide.

This is the reason why the human rights tangent the group wants to hang on cannot fly within a culturally knit society like ours because public opinion or majority morality proscribe it as abhorrent.

It is in this direction that makes me happy and optimistic to hear that a certain patriotic caucus within our august house of the legislature is preparing to put forward a motion of destiny to the house to debate and put a definite finality on the banal issue of homosexuality in all its current fancy names and forms, led by the firebrand lawmaker of Ningo Prampram Hon. Sam George.

This is the right thing to do, this is why we elected them there, this is why we accord them with so much deference.

The Christian morality tangent that a section of Ghanaians, including the clergy, are using to condemn the group does not also hold water for me at all because it is those same people who bequeathed us with such alien concept of God that propagates the abominable act and the quasi-rights attached to it.

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Many people’s first encounter with the uranian act was from a religious book, without any reasonable and scientific exegesis into the matter, especially when they were young to be shielded from such awareness. The number one perpetrators of child molestation in the west are the clergy.

Hence, the only barometer we can employ to rebuke the act of homosexuality is the cultural barometer, in that, our culture posits that sex is not an end to climax pleasure but a means to life and procreation.

The Woman is the gateway between both worlds, of where everything comes from and where everything is, where we are right now. The woman is the only species to allow passage into this realm of manifestation.

Sex with the woman is a divine ritual of Pro-Creation not just a carnal odyssey through the bottleneck of pleasure.

The majority morality will not countenance any act of violence on the group because we shall never be the ones to push any man/neighbor off the bridge because he/she said he/she wanted to commit suicide, we would rather save them, not only on the bridge but to balance on the scale of life.

Let no one call us stereotypes like “homophobes” lest we call them Anti-Humans, for choosing to go wayward against life and knowledge.

To gain knowledge is a bliss

To gain awareness can be curse

With her comes all differentiations

To lay bare the fabric of all creations

Who may not even ascribe to creationism

The carnal flaw of all individualism

Sex is not an end in climactic pleasure

But a means to life in Pro-Creature

Thus, the only tangent that flies for me against the LGBTQI+ community is the cultural and majority moral tangent that commands that the culture that we find ourselves in is anathema to any wanton exotic philosophy that will disrupt our Edenic culture and society. Popular opinion on it is high and unequivocal opprobrium from all well-meaning/thinking citizens across Ghana. The voice of the people/majority is the voice of God. Let’s follow and choose what is worthy for our culture and shirk what is carnage to our social collective.

By Barima Kwabena Yeboah||Ghana

The author is an intern with the Media General Group. Views expressed in this article are entirely the author’s and do not represent those of the Media Group Group or any of its affiliates.